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Templates & Sample Documents

NAMI Texas has created SOE-related templates and sample documents for use by Affiliates.  Templates are editable and may be customized according to the provided parameters and adopted by Affiliates; refer to the “Tips for Using Templates” document below for more information, along with a key to the highlighting code.  Sample documents provide a snapshot of what NAMI is looking for regarding particular documents.

For a complete listing of required documentation for SOE, please visit our Required Documentation page.

Using the Templates & Sample Documents

Tips for Using Templates






Templates for Affiliates



Bylaws Screenshot






Legal Review Letter for Bylaws
(may be used if above Bylaws template was customized within designated parameters)

Legal Review Letter Screenshot






Board Operating Policies & Procedures

Board P and P Screenshot






Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics Screenshot






Compensation Policy

Compensation Policy Screenshot






Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality Policy Screenshot






Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy Screenshot






Diversity, Inclusion and Nondiscrimination Policy

Diversity Policy Screenshot






Document Retention Policy

Document Retention Policy Screenshot






Whistle Blower Policy

Whistle Blower Policy Screenshot






Board Meeting Minutes
(sample document also available)

Board Meeting Minutes Screenshot






(sample document also available)

Letterhead Template Screenshot






(provided by NAMI)

Brochure Screenshot





Membership Form
(provided by NAMI)

Membership Application Screenshot







Budget Template
(Provided by NAMI)

Sample Documents for Affiliates

Certificate of Incorporation

Cert of Incorp Screenshot






Proof of Registration as State Public Charity (Certificate of Fact)

Cert of Fact Screenshot






IRS Tax Determination Letter

IRS Screenshot






Mission Statement

Mission Statement Screenshot






Board of Directors

Board of Directors Sample Screenshot






Staff Contact List – With Staff

Staff Contact List Screenshot






Staff Contact List – No Staff

No Staff Screenshot






General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance Screenshot






Directors and Officers Insurance

D and O Insurance Screenshot






Board Meeting Minutes
(template also available)

Meeting Minutes Screenshot






Form 990N
(Note: Check IRS requirements to find out which version of Form 990 your Affiliate needs to submit)

Form 990N Screenshot







Logo Screenshot





(Template also available)

Letterhead Screenshot






Website URL and Screenshot

URL Screenshot

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