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Students from Little Elm High School share experience at NAMI Texas Conference

A group of students from Little Elm High School’s HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) attended the 2017 NAMI Texas Conference. They are currently completing a community awareness project about mental illnesses. Attending the conference enabled them to listen to many speakers who covered mental illness topics.  They came together after the event to formulate their thoughts into a single paragraph:

“We feel the conference was very educational and included surprisingly interesting topics to any age. Many of the lectures captured our attention and continued to have a strong grip on our focus. The friendly environment was thoroughly enjoyable and furthered our love of the event. Everyone was very kind and seemed to be very excited and surprised that there were high school students at the 2017 NAMI [Texas] Conference. As high school students, we were able to comprehend mental illnesses at a whole new level. We would all, as a whole, like to thank those at the NAMI [Texas] conference for all of the valuable information we gained during this time. With the information that we gained at the conference, we plan to put our new information in action in our school. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of it!”

Abigail Oyuela, Beatriz Pintor, Nadia Surujdin, and Bailey Weakley
Future Health Providers

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