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Standards of Excellence


The Standards of Excellence (SOE) initiative was developed by NAMI in response to grassroots feedback and increasing regulations of nonprofits.  It was established to strengthen and protect Affiliates in an ever-changing environment. Action items in the Standards are based on best practices, IRS and legal requirements, as well as operations practices that will contribute to greater consistency across NAMI Affiliates. The goal is to provide for as much flexibility as possible, while also strengthening the organization, clarifying responsibilities, protecting our interests, preserving the NAMI brand, and making “NAMI” a household name.

We hope you will find the content in this section helpful in your efforts to complete the Standards of Excellence affiliation process.

General Information

Read the new Affiliate Handbook, learn about the NAMI Standards of Excellence, and access major links pertaining to the initiative.

Getting Started

Find out steps your Affiliate should take throughout the process, view a sample Board Resolution for SOE, and connect with resources.

Required Documentation

Learn about quantitative and qualitative measures NAMI uses to review your SOE documentation and see a complete listing of required documents (for both Model A and Model B Affiliates).

Templates & Sample Documents

Customize and adopt a variety of SOE-related templates to your Affiliate’s needs and check out sample documentation for further reference.

Profile Center

Access the main link where you can enter your log-in information, find out how to use the technology for uploading SOE documents, and get helpful tips.

Progress Reports

Discover how SOE Progress Reports are utilized to facilitate communications between NAMI Texas and NAMI Affiliates during the state-level endorsement process.

Common Questions About SOE

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Standards of Excellence.

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