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BRAND NEW: We have just released our legislative re-cap for the 86th legislative session.  Read it here.

86th Legislative Session Presentation from NAMI TX State Conference (2019).
85th (2017) Legislative Session – Mental Health Policy Highlights
84th (2015) Session Recap
Budget Summary 84th Session (2015)


HB 3489, Addressing Dating Violence in Schools bill, Testimony 4.23.19
HB 3888, Parent Mental Health Education bill, Testimony 4.23.19
HB 1035 and HB 3172, Right to Refuse Providing Services bills, Testimony 4.17.19 (Opposed)
SB 1390, Suicide Safer Schools bill, Testimony 4.11.19
HB 1602, Start School Later bill, Testimony 4.4.19
HB 2618, Peer Support Pilot Program for Maternal Mental Health bill, Testimony 4.3.19
HB 3980, Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Report bill, Testimony 4.3.19
HB 3003, Student Parent College Liaisons bill, Testimony 4.3.19
HB 3235, Suicide Prevention Teacher Training bill, Testimony 3.26.19
SB 17, Right to Refuse Providing Services bill, Testimony 3.25.19 (Opposed)
HB 316, Firearm Safe Storage Awareness Campaign bill, Testimony 3.20.19
HB 253, Postpartum Depression Strategic Plan bill, Testimony 3.13.19
HB 501, Severe Emotional Disturbance Coverage, Testimony 3.12.19
HB 198, School-Based Mental Health Center bill, Testimony 2.26.19
Health and Human Services Legislative Budget Board Testimony on Adult Mental Health 9.19.18
Health and Human Services Legislative Budget Board Testimony on Child Mental Health 9.19.18
Department of Family and Protective Services Legislative Budget Board Testimony 9.13.18
Joint Committee on Aging Testimony 8.28.18
Public Health and Human Services Committee Testimony 8.9.18
House Select Committee on Opioid Use Testimony 8.8.18

Senate Select Committee on Violence in Schools Testimony 7.24.18
School Mental Health Select Committee Testimony 7.18.18
Invited testimony for 12.6.2017 House Insurance hearing

NAMI Texas Publications

Texas Criminal Procedure and the Offender with Mental Illness

Sixth Edition, Brian D. Shannon & Daniel H. Benson


NAMI National Public Policy Reports

NAMI National publishes reports on critical, emerging issues to help inform the public about the importance of effective mental health policy.

State Mental Health Legislation 2015: Trends, Themes & Effective Practices 
NAMI’s third annual report on state legislation that took place across the country in 2015 found lots of good news, but unfortunately some bad news as well.

 A Long Road Ahead: Achieving True Parity in Mental Health and Substance Use Care (2015):
Achieving true equity in accessing mental health and substance use disorder care requires vigilant attention by advocates and public agencies responsible for enforcement. This report describes a survey conducted by NAMI to assess the experiences of people living with mental illness and their families with private health insurance.

State Mental Health Legislation 2014: Trends, Themes & Effective Practices (2014):
Momentum for reform of the nation’s mental health care system slowed in 2014 as a result of failure by Congress to enact comprehensive mental health care legislation and a decrease in the number of states strengthening investment in mental health services.

Road to Recovery: Employment and Mental Illness (2014):
One of the best steps in recovery from mental illness is a job, but the national unemployment rate for individuals receiving public mental health services is approximately 80%.

State Legislation Report, 2013: Trends, Themes and Best Practices in State Mental Health Legislation (2013):
The report surveys legislation enacted by state legislatures in 2013 and summarizes trends, themes and best practices in mental health legislation that will continue to be important in 2014.

Medicaid Expansion and Mental Health Care (2013):
The report calls for Medicaid expansion which will fill critical gaps in access to health and mental health care, reduce uncompensated crisis care and pave the way to recovery and economic self-sufficiency for millions of Americans.

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