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Recovery from serious mental illness is not only possible, but for many people living with mental illness today, probable.  The notion of recovery involves a variety of perspectives. Recovery is a holistic process that includes traditional elements of physical health, and aspects of recovery extend beyond medication. Recovery from serious mental illness also includes the idea of attaining and maintaining physical health as another cornerstone of wellness.  People in recovery make important contributions to their communities.  Hope for recovery should be reflected in all treatments, services, and supports.

The recovery journey is unique for each individual.  There are several definitions of recovery; some grounded in medical and clinical values, some grounded in context of community and successful living.  One of the most important principles of recovery is this: recovery is a process, not an event.  The uniqueness and individual nature of recovery must be honored.

For NAMI, recovery is a foundational principle.  While serious mental illness impacts individuals in many challenging ways, the concept that all individuals can move towards wellness is paramount.  A strengths-based approach is a cornerstone for NAMI initiatives, activities, and efforts.  Many, many NAMI members living with mental illness have benefited from the various opportunities within the organization.  NAMI has become a vehicle for recovery, and a pathway towards wellness.

In summary, NAMI is dedicated to improving the lives of all those affected by mental illnesses.  Whether by providing support, education, advocacy, or leadership experiences, all levels of NAMI are working every day to help.  Recovery is possible, and people no longer need be defined by their illness, but rather by the goals, hopes, and dreams so vital to each of us.

Recovery Resources

NAMI Texas provides many classes and support groups to aid individuals and their families in the process of recovery. We also provide presentations and seminars to the community in order to raise awareness and to encourage those who are affected by mental health conditions that recovery is possible. For a list of all NAMI programs and services click here!

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): Recovery

NAMI: Information on Recovery for Family Members and Caregivers

Peer Leadership Council

Leadership development opportunities are emerging as an important mechanism to help in the recovery process. Peer Leadership Councils are one important opportunity supported by NAMI.  Experiential knowledge is a common theme in both leadership and recovery, and NAMI provides those experiences. NAMI also sees the value in bringing peers with lived experience into leadership roles so that a diversity of voices is honored when important decisions are made.

NAMI has the only nationally convened representative body of persons living with mental illness. The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the NAMI National Board of Directors, and includes subcommittees on the issues of restraint and seclusion, ethics, education, mentoring, and outreach.

As of July 2017, NAMI Texas has also reinvigorated the Texas Peer Leadership Council which currently has 18 representatives from different affiliates throughout the state. The NAMI Texas Peer Leadership Council is similar in structure and purpose to the National Council and serves as an advisory body to the NAMI Texas Board of Directors.

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