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Public Policy Platform & Principles

The Public Policy Platform articulates where NAMI Texas stands on issues related to its goal of helping individuals and families affected by mental illness build better lives. The purpose of this public policy platform is to provide direction and guidance on policy issues affecting people in Texas living with a mental illness to the NAMI Texas Board and NAMI Staff, to our local affiliates, to state agencies and other advocacy groups, and to inform the general public about relevant public policy. NAMI Texas advocates for all people and families who are living with mental illness.

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NAMI Texas Public Policy Principles

NAMI Texas Public Policy Principles (Adopted 2013)

NAMI Texas Public Policy Platform

In the 86th legislative session, NAMI Texas advocates for the growth and improvement of mental health care in Texas by strengthening the continuum of care. This includes improving system capacity for youth and adults, investing in prevention and education on mental health issues, ensuring insurance coverage for necessary mental health care, integrating mental health services into a variety of settings, and promoting innovative strategies to treating mental health disorders.

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Mental Health System Capacity, Workforce, and Continuum of Care

NAMI Texas supports improving the mental health system by maintaining the Community Mental Health Matching Grant Program, as well as increasing investment in outpatient services, alternatives to inpatient, and inpatient services.

  • Address gaps in continuum of care
  • Expand mental health workforce
  • Fund NAMI Education and Support Programs
  • Enhance funding mental health Clubhouses

Child and Youth Mental Health

NAMI Texas supports investing in mental health interventions early in a person’s life in order to prevent long-term disability and facilitate recovery.

  • Child Psychiatry Access Program
  • Certified Family Partners
  • School mental health professionals
  • Mental health education for students and parents
  • Mental health services for foster youth

Integration of Care, Innovative Mental Health Care Projects, and Specialty Populations

NAMI Texas supports integrating effective mental health services into a variety of settings, including diverse specialized settings to reach people who may not otherwise seek out mental health services. 

  • Primary care system integration
  • Services for co-occurring behavioral health
  • 1115 Waiver Mental Health projects
  • Coordinated Specialty Care for Early Psychosis
  • Address mental health disparities for specialty populations

Medicaid, Insurance, and Medication

NAMI Texas supports strengthening and increasing health care coverage, more Texans will receive the mental health services they need.

  • Strengthen Medicaid/CHIP
  • Close the coverage gap
  • Mental health insurance coverage
  • Prohibit non-medical switching
  • Safe and effective medications for Medicaid enrollees

Criminal Justice and Juvenile Justice

NAMI Texas supports alternatives to incarceration and preventing recidivism, including adequate mental health treatment.

  • Trauma-informed programming at all intercepts
  • Mental Health Grant Program for Justice-Involved Individuals
  • Peer services for re-entry
  • Improve conditions and access to care in facilities
  • Capital punishment exemption

Housing and Employment

NAMI Texas supports access to appropriate housing and employment services in order to facilitate recovery.

  • Small group home model and other forms of permanent supportive housing
  • Rental and utility assistance funding
  • Public-private partnerships to address chronic homelessness
  • Job training and supported employment

Suicide Prevention and Public Safety

NAMI Texas supports state efforts towards suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention, as well as public safety initiatives in order to save lives. 

  • Suicide Safer Schools programming
  • Suicide prevention training for educators
  • Extreme Risk Protective Order
  • Training for mental health professionals
  • Alert system for adults with serious mental illness with safety concerns who disappear

Mental Health Information Disclosures

NAMI Texas supports integrating an individual’s family support system into the conversation on mental health recovery, especially in cases of individuals living with severe mental illness who may have intensive needs.

  • Aligning Texas mental health information disclosure laws with HIPAA federal laws
  • reducing other barriers to accessing information

Prevention and Trauma

NAMI Texas supports addressing the causes of mental illness and not exclusively the consequences. 

  • Education and support around interpersonal violence
  • Implement trauma-informed care/practice
  • Poverty-related issues
  • Family mental health
  • Physical environment and mental health
  • Reduce mental health disparities

Past NAMI Texas Policy Platforms

NAMI Texas Public Policy Platform (2017)

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