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Progress Reports

SOE Progress Reports will be sent out to Affiliate leaders periodically, as additional documentation is posted onto the Profile Center account.  Affiliates can also request an SOE Progress Report at any time.  The purpose of the Progress Report is to update you regarding the status of the document reviews, facilitate clear communications between NAMI Texas and your Affiliate, and provide a means for you to track your progress over time.

Affiliate Progress Reports include both quantitative and qualitative measures for all of the required SOE documents, along with notations of any necessary edits that will enable you to satisfy the SOE requirements. If you have questions about any of the items mentioned in your SOE Progress Reports or believe that your current documentation status is different than what is indicated in a particular report, we encourage you to contact us so we can take a closer look at the item in question. After all, these SOE Progress Reports are intended to guide both the NAMI Affiliate and NAMI State Organization through the state-level endorsement process.

Refer to the documents below to view a sample SOE Progress Report and to learn how to interpret the information included in these reports.

Sample SOE Progress Report

Click here to view NAMI Lone Star’s sample SOE Progress Report.

NAMI Lone Star Sample SOE Progress Report Cover

Interpreting the Progress Reports

Click here for a quick guide to interpreting your SOE Progress Reports.

Interpreting SOE Progress Reports Screenshot

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