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Operational Models

In order to best serve our Affiliates, NAMI Texas supports two operating models for Affiliate structures:

Model A

Model A Affiliates are independent, 501(c)(3) organizations that have close affiliations with NAMI Texas and NAMI.  This models enables the Affiliates to have more flexibility regarding how their activities are run.  They maintain their own bylaws, Boards of Directors, insurance coverage, finances, etc., and are responsible for ensuring compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Model B

Model B Affiliates are not incorporated as separate entities; instead, they fall under the auspices of either NAMI Texas or another NAMI Affiliate.  They need to follow the policies, procedures, insurance, governance, etc. of NAMI Texas or the NAMI Affiliate.  Though Model B Affiliates do not have as much flexibility, the burden of additional operational responsibilities is minimized.  The details of the Model B option are in the process of being established; however, this model will be available to Affiliates in Texas shortly.

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