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Join us for A National Day of Hope

On October 10, all roads lead to our second National Day of Hope — this one for Fall events. That’s when NAMIWalks events unite across the country, in-person or virtually.

On that day, NAMIWalks participants, mental health advocates and NAMI partners will make strides to support NAMI’s mission and celebrate Mental Health for All during this demanding year of challenges and changes.

Texas Walks!
NAMI Walks Your Way El Paso 
NAMI Walks Your Way Tarrant County
NAMI Walks Your Way Brazos Valley
NAMI Walks Your Way Central Texas
NAMI Walks Your Way San Antonio
NAMI Walks Your Way Greater Houston
NAMI Walks Your Way North Texas

What is A National Day of Hope? It’s a day when many of our NAMIWalks sites hold their event simultaneously across the country. For Spring NAMIWalks, that day was May 30 and was a big success: a special memory for participants and a stepping stone to helping more people with mental health needs. For Fall NAMIWalks, that day is set for October 10, on World Mental  Health Day. Anyone from virtually anywhere can participate.

How can I get involved? It’s simple: look through our list of NAMIWalks taking place on A National Day of Hope here. Choose a NAMIWalks to support and click register. You’ll receive the tools and information you need to get started. If  you don’t see your local community’s walk, it may be scheduled on another date. Find all NAMIWalks here.

What will I do on A National Day of Hope? You can walk a 5K in your neighborhood — or in your imagination. You can skip rope, bake a cake, sing a song or make people laugh with a stand-up act. Depending on the local programming, you can watch livestreams or join in a mental health conversation with other like-minded crusaders. Whatever your occupation of the day, you’ll be adding to the nation’s storehouse of hope. At a time when we all need it.

This is your chance to raise money and awareness of local NAMI services and supports in the community of your choice. Be a part of something big, bold and important. Will you join us?

To learn about ALL NAMIWalks, including our virtual NAMIWalks Your Way, taking place throughout the country, visit: FIND A WALK.

TOOL AND RESOURCES to amplify your efforts

Use these tools to amplify your social media, fundraising, and awareness-spreading efforts!

Signs of Hope
Virtual Participant Guidebook
NAMIWalks Your Way Logos
Rallying Call
Social Media Guide
Virtual Fundraising Ideas


 We’re here for you — as you are there for your families, neighbors, and selves. Many areas are turning the corner on the COVID-19 pandemic, while much of the nation still battles the challenges this virus presents. Check out the NAMI website for updates and a COVID-19 Information and Resource Guide that answers frequently asked questions our community may have during this time.

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