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NAMI Texas Veterans Council

  1. Why are Veterans’ Issues are Important to NAMI Texas?
    • Veterans are citizens of all of our communities.
    • Veterans are searching for the information and support we have to offer as     NAMI.
    • Veteran service providers do not know about NAMI and do not have access to our support and information.
    • Families and consumers in the Veterans system need NAMI.
  2. How are we as the NAMI Veterans Council organized?
    • Mission: The mission of the NAMI Veterans Council is to assure that veterans with serious mental illnesses are provided with comprehensive and coordinated services in systems of care and in the community.
    • Goals: Work to be the voice on appropriate services for veterans who are diagnosed with serious mental illness and their families.  Promote evidence-based practices in the care of veterans with serious mental illness.  Promote outreach to underserved and homeless veterans who have SMI.
  3. The Impact of the Veterans Administration on the Public Mental Health System
    • Homeless shelters are filled with many veterans.
    • State and local mental health overloaded.
    • Drain on law enforcement.
    • Veterans returning from war.
  4. Magnitude of problem
    • VA serves about 5,000,000 veterans with health care.
    • In 2004 about 850,000 received mental health services.
  5. Collaboration with NAMI Local and State Leaders
    • We have identified where we are.
    • We have identified where we want to go.
    • We can’t get there with collaboration with NAMI state and local leaders.
    • Identify solutions and a map to get us there together.
    • Based on the plans to expand Consumer Councils nationwide NAMI has an opportunity to get involved and be a strong voice for the veteran with a mental health diagnosis.

For more information contact:

Mary Gibson, Chair
NAMI Veterans Council
(254) 848-9128 | (254) 722 0425
355 Elmwood
Waco, Texas 76712

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