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NAMI Texas Support Groups


The following information is information is in no way a substitute for an actual support group or seeking guidance from a mental health professional. If you feel that you are in need of professional help, please contact your local NAMI Texas affiliate for referrals or a psychiatric crisis hotline as needed.

Support group meetings, properly facilitated and based on the Principles of Support, provide individuals with an opportunity to share fears, insecurities, successes, approaches to problems, and to reinforce good and appropriate coping skills. Problems may not be solved at a single meeting, but members know that they are not alone and can return for continuing support.

The GOALS of NAMI Texas’ Support Groups are:

  • To reach those in pain by making them aware of the existence of the Support group;
  • To provide emotional support;
  • To provide insight into mental illness and how to more effectively cope with its impact on the family and friends;
  • To reduce the stigma of mental illness within the family.

Support Groups seek to PROVIDE:

  • A place to confront fears;
  • A place for validation;
  • A place to learn and practice skills related to dealing with real life issues which impact families;
  • A place to gain understanding of how the mental illness affects the family;
  • A place to exchange information about mental illness.

To participate in a NAMI Texas support group, please contact the NAMI affiliate in your area.

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