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Mental Health First Aid

NAMI Texas is proud to announce that this Summer we will be partnering with Methodist Healthcare Ministries to provide over 15 Mental Health First Aid trainings!

Free Mental Health First Aid Workshop for Adults

NAMI Texas and Mental Healthcare Ministries of South Texas have joined together to offer this free Mental Health First Aid course to your community. Their goal is to have a great impact on the mental health communities throughout Texas.

One in five Americans has a mental illness or substance use disorder, yet many are reluctant to seek help or simply don’t know where to turn for care. Recognizing mental health and substance use challenges can be difficult, which is why it’s so important for everyone to understand the warning signs and risk factors. Even when friends and family of someone who may be developing a mental illness recognize that something is amiss, they may not know how to intervene or direct the person to proper treatment. All too often, those in need of mental health services do not get them until it is too late.

Mental Health First Aid teaches how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. The eight-hour course introduces participants to risk factors and warning signs of mental health concerns, builds understanding of their impact and provides an overview of common treatments. Through role-playing and simulations, it demonstrates how to assess a mental health crisis; select interventions; provide initial help; and connect people to professional, peer and social supports as well as self-help resources.

Sometimes, the best first aid is you. Take the course, save a life, and strengthen your community.

CLICK HERE for a full, updated schedule and registration information for all of our Mental Health First Aid classes that we will be offering this Summer!

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