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Criminal Defense Representation

NAMI Texas does not offer any criminal defense representation. Finding affordable legal representation is a very common challenge for families and individuals affected by mental health conditions.

If the individual or family cannot afford to hire an attorney the vast majority of the time the only way defendants can obtain free legal assistance is if they are appointed a lawyer through the public defender program. Very few private practice criminal defense attorneys will offer pro bono legal assistance although they may on occasion provide free or reduced-cost consultations. CLICK HERE for a list of public defender offices by county throughout the state of Texas.

Often, in order for the defendant’s mental health to be taken into consideration their case will have to go through the local mental health court. This decision will have to be approved by a judge. CLICK HERE for more information on mental health courts throughout Texas.

The reality is that often hiring an attorney for your loved one’s needs is the only realistic way that their legal challenges will be addressed and the only way they will be able to walk away without a criminal record or prison and/or jail time. For a $20 30 minute consultation with a criminal defense attorney, please visit the State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Service here. After your consultation you will have the option of hiring the attorney you were referred to.

For more information on the legal process and the criminal justice system please reach out to our Office Manager at: 512-693-2000 Ext. 0 or e-mail:

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