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Common Questions About SOE

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What is expected of Affiliates for Standards of Excellence (SOE)?

Standards of Excellence refers to a set of longer range goals that all NAMI Affiliates should set out to accomplish over time.  However, in order to be approved through the new NAMI Affiliation process, your Affiliate will need to:

1. Commit to the process by passing a Board Resolution.  See Getting Started for more information.

2. Determine which organizational structure model your Affiliate will pursue.  Learn about operational model options.

3. Gather, update, create, and upload required documentation for review.  Find out which documents are required for your chosen structure and how to upload your documents for review.

4. Use your SOE Progress Reports as a reference as you work alongside NAMI Texas on satisfying all the requirements.

5. Continue to uphold the Standards of Excellence in your daily operations.

What are the differences between Standards of Excellence requirements of Model A versus Model B Affiliates?

The number and types of items that will be required of your Affiliate depends upon which model you select.  Model A Affiliates have a longer list of requirements (approximately 30 items) that includes some more challenging documentation (for example, financials, insurance, bylaws, etc.).  Model B Affiliates have a shorter list of requirements (approximately 10 items) that are less challenging as a whole; however, there would also be a list of transition tasks in order to take on Model B status.  Therefore, the amount of time entailed may be comparable.

View a list of required documents by model.

Is there a deadline by which we need to complete Standards of Excellence?

Affiliates should begin work on Standards of Excellence at their earliest opportunity to ensure a sufficient amount of time to complete the process.  NAMI has not yet set a specific completion date for Affiliates; however, NAMI Texas has set the target for all Model A Affiliates to be endorsed by December 31, 2015; Model B Affiliates will likely follow in 2016.

How long does this process typically take?

It has taken our Affiliates between approximately 2-12 months to complete the Standards of Excellence process.  Some Affiliates chose to tackle the SOE documentation in a shorter burst in order to get the documentation aspect of the process behind them quickly; other Affiliates preferred to chip away at the documentation a little over time.  We will do our best to guide you through this process in a manner that is right for your Affiliate.

Where do we submit our documentation?

Each Affiliate will have a NAMI Profile Center account on which to upload documents.  The account is password-protected, enables you to create folders for better organization, and provides a means for NAMI Texas and NAMI to review your documentation.

Learn how to use your Profile Center account.

When can we begin uploading documents onto the NAMI Profile Center?

Once your Affiliate has passed and submitted its Board Resolution to commit to the process, NAMI will release your Profile Center account log-in information to you directly.  NAMI Texas staff do not have access to this information.  Be sure to keep your log-in information in a secure place that you will remember.

For more information regarding the Board Resolution, visit the Getting Started page.

What happens once our Affiliate has satisfied SOE documentation requirements?

The NAMI Texas Board of Directors will hold an endorsement vote for your Affiliate.  Once you are endorsed by NAMI Texas, you will receive a Letter of Endorsement that you will need to post onto your Profile Center account.

When that documentation appears on NAMI Texas’ end, we will pass your Affiliate along to NAMI for the national level of the Standards of Excellence review process.  NAMI goes through several rounds of review of your documentation.

NAMI Texas’ goal is to help Affiliates meet the national-level requirements as best as possible so that, once endorsed by NAMI Texas, there should be very few, if any, additional items that would arise.

When NAMI approves your Affiliate for Standards of Excellence, you will receive an offer for re-affiliation.

After we are re-affiliated by NAMI, will we need to submit additional documentation?

NAMI has not officially released information regarding the maintenance aspect of Standards of Excellence once an Affiliate is re-affiliated.  That being said, the Standards of Excellence are intended as long-term operational goals on all levels of the NAMI organization.  Therefore, NAMI Affiliates will be expected to uphold these Standards moving forward.

This does not mean, however, that you will have to go through the entire Standards of Excellence process regularly.  Many of the documents you submit will not need to be re-submitted unless you have made changes to them or you have produced new documentation (for example, Board Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, IRS 990 Forms, etc.).


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