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NAMI Texas offers a variety of programs and services directed to individuals living with mental illness, family members, friends, professionals, other stake holders, and the community at large to address the mental health needs of Texans. NAMI programs are provided at the local level by our Affiliates.

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Education is an essential part of understanding and coping with mental illness. NAMI Texas currently provides numerous educational programs addressing the many needs of different constituencies.

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Contact your local NAMI Affiliate for their education program schedule.

For Individuals Living with Mental Illness

NAMI Peer–to–Peer

The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) curriculum is a free 10-week, peer led, recovery education course open to any person with a serious mental illness who wishes to live well in their recovery. The course offers a comprehensive understanding of serious mental illness with topics ranging from stigma to relapse prevention to advocacy and much more.

For Family Members and Friends

NAMI Family to Family

The Family-to-Family (F2F) education program is a free 12-week course for families, partners and friends of individuals with severe mental illnesses. This series of weekly classes is structured to help caregivers understand and support individuals with serious mental illnesses while maintaining their own well-being. The course is taught by trained family members who know what it’s like to have a loved one struggling with one of these brain disorders.


The Partnerships curriculum is a free education program that allows teams comprised of family members and professionals to provide collaborative educational workshops. Partnerships has been recently redesigned to be used in a variety of ways; it can be used as a stand-alone self-help guide, as the basis for a group book discussion group for individuals with mental illness and family members who live in rural or isolated areas and do not have access to NAMI groups in their community, or in hospitals or agencies looking to introduce a basic educational program.

For Youth and their Family Members

NAMI Basics

Basics is a free 6-week education program specifically for parents and other caregivers of children and adolescents who have either been diagnosed with a serious mental illness/serious emotional disturbance, or who are experiencing symptoms but have not yet been diagnosed.  The NAMI Basics course is taught by trained teachers who are the parent or caregiver of individuals who developed the symptoms of mental illness prior to the age of 13 years.

Ending The Silence

Ending the Silence is one of NAMI’s newest programs. It is a 50-minute presentation program for high school audiences engaging them in a discussion about mental health. This program is delivered by a trained two-person team, one of whom is a young adult living in recovery with a diagnosable mental health condition.

For Community Groups

Bridges to Hope

Because religion and spirituality often play a vital role in healing, it’s not uncommon for families and individuals experiencing mental health issues to turn to a faith leader first for help. Yet faith leaders, staff and key outreach volunteers are often lacking the information, education and resources to be the “bridge to hope” needed as people navigate serious, sometimes life-threatening, mental health issues. Bridges to Hope is a 3-hour mental health training featuring: An informative overview of prevalent mental health myths and common symptoms of mental health disorders along with simple ideas for building “bridges to hope” for your faith community

NAMI In Our Own Voice: Living With Mental Illness

In Our Own Voice (IOOV) is a unique public education presentation that offers insight into the hope and recovery now possible for people with severe mental illness. Trained individuals with mental health challenges lead a brief yet comprehensive and interactive presentation about mental illness. The presentation includes a video, personal testimony, and discussion between the presenters and the audience. The testimonies put a face on mental illness while informing the audience of how people with mental illness recover and reclaim productive lives.

For Professionals

NAMI Parents and Teachers as Allies

Parents and Teachers as Allies offers 2 ½ hours of in-service training for teachers and school professionals, helping them to recognize and identify early-onset mental illness in children and adolescents. The presentation is conducted by parents and consumers who have had to negotiate mental illness within the school system.

NAMI Provider Education

Provider Education offers 15 hours of in-service training to line staff at public mental health agencies, taught by a trained 5-member team of family members, consumers and a mental health provider who is either a family member or a consumer. This course emphasizes the lived experience of mental illness, expands compassion for the daily realities of this heroic struggle, and prepares staff members to practice a collaborative consumer/provider/family treatment team model of care.


NAMI Texas Affiliates provide regular support groups for individuals living with mental illness, family members and others affected by mental illness. Contact your local NAMI Affiliate for their support group schedule.

NAMI Family Support Group

Formerly called the “Family-to-Family Support Group”, this support group meets on a monthly basis. Family members and friends receive support from each other by sharing their experience, strength and hope while caring for a loved one who has a mental illness.

NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group

NAMI Connection is a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly 90-minute recovery support group for people living with mental illness in which people learn from each others’ experiences, share coping strategies, and offer each other encouragement and understanding. NAMI Connection groups are facilitated by persons who live with mental illness for other persons with any diagnosis who also live with mental illness.

Advocacy Training

NAMI Smarts for Advocacy

Though passionate and devoted, mental health advocates don’t always know the most effective way to tell their stories and present the facts so that legislators and community leaders will listen and act. NAMI Smarts for Advocacy is a series of skill-building modules that help individuals harness the power of their stories to drive home their organization’s advocacy agenda—and to communicate with and inspire members, funders, coalition partners, and more.

For information on any of these programs, please contact the NAMI Texas office.

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