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If you have a story, you have the power to influence policymakers.

Policy change is one major way we can make a difference in the lives of people living with mental health conditions and their families. NAMI Texas advocates for an array of issues including:

  •  Protecting people’s access to treatment and services
  • Integrating mental health services into primary care settings
  • Pairing jail diversion and reentry strategies with increased access to quality care

We maintain an active presence in the Texas State Capitol on priority issues with relationships on both sides of the aisle. We make our voice heard in the state agencies to guide the effective implementation of mental health policy. And we empower our local affiliate organizations and members to step up on advocacy.

NEW: Check out the NAMI Texas Advocacy 101 Guide.  This guide can help you learn about how to engage in policy advocacy as an individual in Texas.

Take a NAMI Smarts for Advocacy course

NAMI SMARTS for Advocacy is a hands-on advocacy training program that helps people living with mental illness, friends and family transform their passion and lived experience into skillful grassroots advocacy.  This course teaches you how to share your story in a way that moves policy makers. The NAMI SMARTS for Advocacy course vastly enhances the power of mental health advocacy. Contact your local NAMI affiliate about opportunities to take a NAMI Smarts course.  Please contact us if you are interested in bringing a NAMI SMARTS Advocacy course to your community! 

Train Others in NAMI Smarts for Advocacy

For those interested in empowering their community in mental health advocacy, NAMI Texas offers NAMI Smarts teacher training to local affiliates once a year across one weekend.  This training provides members of local NAMI affiliates the tools and credentials needed to facilitate the NAMI Smarts advocacy course in their own communities.

NAMI SMARTS’ Newest Texas Teachers, Fall 2018.

There are 4-modules to the course:

  1. Telling Your Story
  2. Contacting Your Policymaker
  3. Meeting Your Policymaker, and
  4. Medication Access: Protecting Choice.

The modules can be taught separately – with each one taking about 90 minutes – or all together.

Here are a couple sample resources from the curriculum:

Demo – Meeting Your Legislator

Seven Steps to Telling Your Story

If you are interested in becoming trained to teach NAMI SMARTS for Advocacy in your community please reach out to us and we will give you more information!

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